You can see the summarized report about the attendance status of your employees. This feature is very useful at the end of the month or when you are going to calculate payroll for your employees.

Click on the profile picture on the top right corner, click on the Settings button, click on the Summarized Report button.

In there you can see 

- Total working days, total absent days, total late days and total late hours of an employee for attendance.

- Total working hours of an employee for overtime.

- Total unpaid leave and paid leave of an employee for leave.

You can select a range for the period you want to review by pressing on the date range button.

From here, you can choose a start date and end date to calculate the attendance status of employees during that period.

You can export the record with CSV format by pressing on the three dot button at the top right corner, then Export Excel button. A CSV file containing the records will be downloaded to your computer.